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Congrats to Fluent! Great design and a slick UI.

The stream view is an interesting concept, but we've found that many people don't have a nice inbox of messages as shown in the preview. In fact, it's quite the opposite: messages from friends, family, and coworkers are often overwhelmed by notifications, newsletters, and mailing lists. However, your Amazon shipping and Twitter notifications aren't spam, you just don't want to see them in the same context.

I'm working on Glider (http://glider.io), a fix for the mess in your inbox. You already know which kinds of emails are important to you, so instead of obscuring that information, we think the best solution is to sort and display emails by sender and context.

We did a soft launch on HN a few weeks ago (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3519917), and would love to know what you guys think. Good luck as well to the Fluent team!

A word of advise: Asking me to give you access to my email account is a very big leap of trust. I can't see what your product does without taking that leap - so I don't.

You're completely right, and my apologies. We're not quite ready to take on more users at the moment - to clarify, the signup on the homepage doesn't give us access to your account, it simply registers your interest. We've been hard at work on the product, so we held off on working on the landing page, but we absolutely will have a demo along with more information in the near future.

I quite agree that it takes trust. We do have a demo up for a safe hands-on with the product (demo.fluent.io). We certainly take your privacy seriously. Here's a bit more on that: http://fluent.io/privacy.html

"We are well versed in industry-leading privacy practices." - What is your country of jurisdiction (i.e. what government can access my email)? Google is based in the US and you are in Australia.

"Fluent never sees your Google password."

"You may revoke Fluent's access to your email box at any time..."

You should make this stick out, increase the font size, color it, bold it.

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