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dhanji 787 days ago | link | parent

Fwiw, that's the SMH reporter misquoting us from an in-person interview.

However, we'll try to live up to Australian standards better in the future =)

jacques_chester 787 days ago | link

Then I retract my slur on Sydney and all her works.

Except for the journalists.

(What did you actually say, in your recollection?)


BenGrubb 787 days ago | link

FWIW, it was the original quote http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26309/action.m4a

Regards, Ben Grubb (the journalist)


adaml_623 786 days ago | link

Yep. Audio matches written quote.

Kudos Ben on your quick rebuttal of the misquote claim. And for an article full of links to all the companies and technologies you're writing about.


jacques_chester 787 days ago | link

I want to give you a free pass, really, but my irrational hatred of journalists in general is a matter of public record. I'm just too damn lazy to start a whitelist, I hope you can forgive me.


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