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Can we put the actual url in [1]

Looks very inspired by by Sparrow.app [2](OS X mail application). Though they have improved on the UI in some aspects.

Great that people are still trying to make email better.

[1] http://fluent.io

[2] http://sparrowmailapp.com/

I use Sparrow and I agree. It manages to make communication by email so lightweight and fun again, but it lacks the stream that Fluent has. I'm very excited to explore Fluent as well.

I actually purchased Sparrow, but I don't use it.

It was slow and had some UX quirks/bugs.

For a time I fired it up every once in a while as an email-backup solution, but I got lazy so I don't even do that now.

Eg. I usually have Gmail open in other browsers in Windows even if I run Sparrow on the Mac, and it takes several minutes for Sparrow to notice that a message has already been read, which is super annoying.

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