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Comparing MongoDB (in absolute bootom) to Redis (5th place) makes me think I've missed something?

Is Redis that hard to use or does the number of Redis users increase exponentially with a resulting lack of skills? (Or is the web site not a good salary predictor?)

It's the top 50 of 1400 skills.

MongoDB is a VC-backed technology, which has spurred its adoption at funded startups. Since they're funded, those startups can also afford to pay engineers more.

MongoDB is one of the lowest-paid, not highest.

MongoDB was also hyped to hell and back, which probably accounts for more of its adoption than the fact that it's VC-backed. IIRC, most of the big name adopters (Foursquare, etc.) were using it before it got funding, too.

Particularly when indeed.com lists MongoDB as their #2 hottest skill:


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