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You want me to sign up with no privacy policy? And using my Google login? Nope. Go find a free policy generator. Follow the instructions and put it up on the site. It shouldn't take you more than an hour.

Edit: I see in your "about" you're 11! I'm shocked -- what a fantastic show of skill on your part. However, as smart as you are, at your age you might not get the nuances of privacy policies. Shoot me an email (check my profile) and I'll help you create one.

11 years old, or a programmer for 11 years?

Good question. Apparently his English isn't that good which leaves the statement "I’m a 11 years programer" open to interpretation.

I think he means the latter considering that he seems to be employed by one of the biggest phone manufacturers. However, it's in China so I wouldn't be too shocked if he actually is 11.

Oh stop being silly and pretend that you know something about China

A privacy policy doesn't protect anything. (Any 11-year old could put up a privacy policy and then violate it at will.)

And using Google to sign-in (especially to an AppEngine app) pretty much only gives your email address.

I thought I will only give them my email address using Google login? I am appreciated if you can add more details. I am using my Google login everywhere and may not know the disadvantages.

I very rarely read policies on website.. especially for a python snippets aggregator. I'm wondering why it concerns you so much, am I missing something?

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