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Stanford/Coursera Machine Learning class delayed
42 points by MaxGabriel on Feb 18, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments
We're sorry to have to tell you that our Machine Learning course will be delayed further. There have naturally been legal and administrative issues to be sorted out in offering Stanford classes freely to the outside world, and it's just been taking time. We have, however, been able to take advantage of the extra time to debug and improve our course content!

We now expect that the course will start either late in February or early in March. We will let you know as soon as we hear a definite date. We apologize for the lack of communication in recent weeks; we kept hoping we would have a concrete launch date to give you, but that date has kept slipping.

Thanks so much for your patience! We are really sorry for repeatedly making you wait, and for any interference this causes in your schedules. We're as excited and anxious as you are to get started, and we both look forward to your joining us soon in Machine Learning!

Andrew Ng and the ML Course Staff

Not just the Machine Learning class. All Coursera courses from Stanford faculty have been delayed again. Coursera Courses by faculty from other universities are running on time.

Actually non-Stanford faculty courses like Natural Language Processing are just as delayed as the others. None of the Coursera classes have started and there is no public news as to why or when they might start of if any of them will run at all.

I got an email today claiming the Coursera SaaS course is starting on Monday, and it had a link to the first several videos.

The "model thinking" course is up and running with two weeks of material, I just finished going through it. That's from U of Michigan.

Udacity courses seem to be delayed, as well.

AFAIK there hasn't been any delay announced for Udacity courses. Can you please cite the source, from where you got this info.

They are not delayed. I got emails yesterday saying they start Feb 20

Udacity's CS101 is still slated for Feb 20 from its website

I could see that now their website says it is under maintenance ;-)

I don't want to speculate on why, but I suspect the two are strongly related.

I'm taking their self-driving car course right now, it's in the second week.

Sorry to hear, but sometimes doing things right takes extra time. Thanks for your efforts.

I really appreciate the work you all are putting into this, and I look forward to the course being ready. Thank you so much!

Will any of you be at liberty to discuss the legal and administrative challenges you're facing? I'm sure I'm not alone in my curiosity.

This is quite unfortunate, but was probably inevitable as you guys are really trying to move heaven and earth. Thank you for being disruptive.

All the courses have been delayed, I received one for the Tech. Entrepreneur that indicated the delay has to do with IP and copyright issues. Problems that sound like they do not bode well to resolving quickly ...

So far the following courses have announced that they are going to be delayed - CS 101, Machine Learning, Design and Analysis of Algorithms I, Natural Language Processing, and Probabilistic Graphical Models

In Germany exam periods are different. I actually like that change a lot! So maybe I can take part in that course this semester already!

The Berkeley courses such as SaaS still appear to be on-track.

anyone know of a google group for any of these classes?

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