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I'm an active angel investor and a lot of my incoming leads are from founders, I guess I bring value, but I never really thought about how to explain how I'm different (if at all) from anybody else.

I'm terrified of doing this.

"I'm terrified of doing this."

I'm not an angel investor but I'm a good salesman. What we are really talking about here is selling yourself. I'd be glad to offer advice on that. Feel free to contact me.

Good luck! As a founder I would want to know which particular markets you're strong in (either have experience or personal relationships). It will be hard to stand out talking about track record alone, so try and appeal to specific founders who you'd bring the - most - value to.

Eg. if you're particularly experienced with gaming, don't bother trying to sell yourself to a SaaS startup, there will probably be someone there specialized in that.

Sounds like you should probably do it, just for the experience and opportunity to improve your understanding of what these things are like for founders. :-)

Not sure what you mean - I'm a two-time founder currently. Or do you mean going through the YC-style demo day pitching?

I didn't mean you personally so much as angels and VCs in general. But sure, given how much the funding environment is changing I can't imagine that it would hurt to experience what it's currently like even if you've been through it in the past.

Of course I'm speaking here as a founder who has never raised any funding, so everything I say on the topic is deserving of multiple grains of salt.

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