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k, even more thoughts:

* STOP using the word "paranoid". You're not paranoid, you're right (or I'm not paying). Paranoid + merit badge sash of algorithm parameters = vanity project. You don't have a vanity project; stop being self-effacing.

* Consider taking a few minutes to write a positioning statement, then bucket your feature/function accordingly. A no-brainer template for positioning: For {companies,nonprofits,summer camps} that need {puppies,secure backup,surface mount soldering}, Colin Percival offers tarsnap. Unlike {mozy,carbonite,idrive}, tarsnap provides {block level security,puppy mincing} that allows users to {save the world,make better tacos}.

* Along similar lines, "my dream backup system" probably not the best positioning ever. Maybe kill those words. =)

* One feature you're probably unwilling to play up is that you're actually (probably ;) qualified to design a custom cryptosystem. Get some cryptofriends to vouch for you!

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