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Inspiring Others, At All Costs. (hellobubs.com)
32 points by dariusmonsef 1955 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

i know children of parents who work like crazy on their companies. they don't feel inspired; they feel angry.

i don't presume to know what the poor girl who lost her dad will feel, but i would be wary of using romantic bullshit to justify what you want to do. we tend to be very good at finding excuses for what we already believe in.

Hey Andrew, not sure if you read all the way through my post. But I addressed this. I've made decisions to run my company well AND take great care of my family.

So, 2 hours of sleep at most?

I sleep pretty well. 6-8hrs.

Thanks for this post Bubs. People always ask how can I/they do startups and be a good Dad/Mom/Parent. The flexible nature of our work is key. I can still put in more time than these young Founders and not miss (too often) my most important meetings with my two little angel investors - my kids.

Thanks so much for sharing this. What an amazing story, and a refreshing post with a balanced outlook on this insane startup work. Thank you.

Thanks for the post Bubs. Really touching and great to see you being so open about all this.

"Every ride is what it means to be alive." Amen dude.

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