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You might find step 4. a bit difficult, finding a "non-US controlled country" isn't easy these days, and I'm not sure I'd like to live there.

Much as I like my country (Uruguay), I know we'd cave in faster than New Zealand did with Kim Dotcom.

China might not be US-controlled, but they have their own issues. And a smaller country means it's probably going to be bullied by the US. Maybe Switzerland? (that does sound like a nice place to live :) ).

How about Iceland? At least this web hosting company http://www.orangewebsite.com/ is touting "better level of privacy and lower censorship" as a selling point. (Although, I note it itself is using .com) Anyway, I think it won't be long until some countries or territories will wisen-up to create internet freedom friendly jurisdictions as a competitive advantage to lure tech capital and talent away from the increasingly hostile US with its IP and military industrial complex weapons of wealth destruction.

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