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/ot rant

Sorry, breaking point with this particular UX anti-pattern reached.

What is with this new fad of useless and distracting menus appearing at some random interval when you scroll down? It's bloody annoying. I'm no longer bothering to finish articles it's so distracting.

I will never and 99% of your readers will never, ever search your site. So why shove the search box in my face at some random point when I'm scrolling down?

Pointless animations distract you when you're trying to read.

Stop doing it people, stop installing themes that do it and even sticky menus are bloody annoying a-la bootcamp. Remember frames? Ever stopped to wonder why no-one ever uses them any more? Cause it sucks. UX for blogs should be for reading. The only good reason for using a sticky menu is for an application where the menu is actually pretty important.

Sticky stuff on the side, absolutely fine, even useful. Sticky stuff getting in the way of the article? Bloody annoying!


The behaviour you're describing wasn't my creation- it's part of the Tumblr theme I use. It doesn't bother me as much as it does you so I never looked into the options to see what I can do- now that I have, I see there is a checkbox that allows me to disable that behaviour.

So I have. Ta-da!

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