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Who is hiring? (Intern Edition)
50 points by nchuhoai on Feb 13, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments
I'm sure plenty of HN readers are excellent college students and looking for an exiting position at a small startup and while there are some good resources out there, I thinkthis would be a good opportunity to connect startups and interested interns. I for myself had the great opportunity to work at Apture this past summer and I am looking for a similar experience this semester. I know a lot of us get lured into Google/Amazon etc. with the big bucks (in the end we are all just poor college students), but I'm sure smaller startups can just be as competitive.

Khan Academy (Mountain View) is hiring:

Our mission is to provide a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. We already have millions of students learning every month, and we're growing quickly.

Our students answer over 2 million math exercise problems per day, all generated by our open source exercise generation framework (http://github.com/khan/khan-exercises, http://ejohn.org/blog/khan-exercise-rewrite/), and Sal's videos have been viewed over 117 million times. We're just getting started feeding this data we're collecting back into the product to help our users learn more (http://david-hu.com/2011/11/02/how-khan-academy-is-using-mac...). If you're interested in data, analytics, and education, this is a dream gig.

Plus, it's one of the highest educational impact positions you can imagine. We're hiring all types of devs -- mobile, frontend, backend, whatever you want to call yourself. Big plans ahead.


Potentiality useful advice for those seeking to apply to Khan for an internship (from a functional language college kid who applied to Khan and bombed the interview):

When they say you can use whatever language you want for the coding interview, that means use Python or JavaScript. It doesn't matter if you wrote Learn You a Haskell, hack Erlang into the wee hours of the morning, or taught a class on Clojure. You won't win any points to use things like infinite lists for Fibonacci numbers or just say that a memoize function exists already as part of the core language. Although I can't say for certain, I had the distinct feeling that my interviewer thought I was just making stuff up when I started talking about the aforementioned topics and how they worked in Clojure. Functional languages are so far removed from what most developers do everyday that it probably just looks like nonsense if they haven't seen it previously.

Stick to Javascript or Python. When you get your interviewer's name, go to the khan github page and look at the code that person has written.[0] Do they write really good code in a certain language? Are they contributing to open source projects only in that language? Pick that one. Learn it inside and out. They will be on their home turf and feel more comfortable. If you can teach them something new and exciting about the language, then you will probably stand a much better shot of "winning" the interview.

Good luck!


Sift Science is hiring summer interns in San Francisco!

We're a small team of hackers who believe in the power of data. Our initial product is an API to battle credit card fraud, which causes $2.4B/year in damages, 70% of it driven by organized crime, and has literally killed companies before. We're building large-scale classification techniques paired with elegant visualization tools to help our customers take a stand.

The team is a mix of ex-Google and ex-Zillow veterans who previously worked on speech recognition, sentiment analysis, ad targeting, IP geolocation, payments, and more.

We'd really love people with expertise in or passion for machine learning, natural language processing, map reduce, data mining, or related areas. People at all degree levels (PhD, MS, BS) are welcome. For those who haven't done A.I. or machine learning coursework/research, note that it's really helpful to have a strong background in math, e.g., linear algebra, probability, and calculus.

If this sounds fun, shoot a resume over to jobs@siftscience.com! Thanks.

Berlin - PAID full-time BizDev internships

EyeQuant (http://eyequant.com) - we're a neuroscience meets marketing startup out of CalTech and the University of Osnabrueck, Germany. We help companies optimise their websites for the world's most complex search engine: the human visual system. Our neurotechnology-SaaS EyeQuant predicts within seconds how users will view a website, landing page or newsletter - it delivers over 90% of an eye-tracking study's accuracy at less than 1% of the cost and time involved. Our scientific board comprises three of the world's most esteemed neuroscientists, including Christof Koch. Customers like Groupon see conversion uplifts of over 50% after optimising their websites with EyeQuant.

We're currently hiring BizDev interns in Berlin. You will learn a lot about conversion optimisation, b2b sales and the neuroscience of vision. This is a paid position and the salary will enable you to enjoy a lot of what Berlin has to offer (unless you're into 50$ breakfasts at the Hilton Hotel, but then you probably wouldn't want to move to Berlin anyway :)

Interested? Please get in touch with me via fabian at eyequant dot com

Atlassian's Summer Developer Internship is hiring software development & UX students with a penchant to hack. Our summer 2012 paid (including salary, travel, housing, etc.) internship starts with 4 weeks in our HQ in Sydney, Australia, wrapping up with 6 weeks in our new San Francisco digs. The challenge is to push a whole new product or a major product plugin through its entire lifecycle, from concept to launch. This project will support Atlassian's mission to create a product that will make the life of developers better.

Details of our program are here: http://www.atlassian.com/company/careers/interns

Send your cover letter, resume & links to any work/projects you've completed here: http://tbe.taleo.net/NA3/ats/careers/apply.jsp?org=ATLASSIAN...

London (UK) and Boston (US).

We're a 100-person financial-software firm committed to learning and improvement as well as great web software and agile development.

We use Java, Scala, and some Groovy; we always write tests first and pair on most coding tasks. Developers have Linux workstations with at least two monitors. We have weekly lightning talks that cover finance and technical topics. We have "real" 10% time with a day set aside for relevant projects prioritised by developers.

Some of you may know us from our sponsorship of Hacker News meetups in London. See http://devblog.timgroup.com and http://www.timgroup.com/careers for more about us.

Note we recently changed our name from youDevise to TIMGroup but we're still the same folks!


Are you looking for interns in software Engineering too.Let me know.

Startups, please excplicitly express whether you are looking for interns or not, that is usually our question when running across Who's hiring posts. Also it can't hurt to know whether its a paid placement, and if so how much. As mentioned, we are the generation with all the debt

I am a PhD student in human-computer interaction looking for a summer internship in the Bay Area. I am well-versed in UX research and design but I am also experienced with front-end web development, so I can communicate with developers and even implement prototypes if need be.

Startups often leave UX till the later stages, or disregard it completely. The earlier you address your UX, the easier (and cheaper!) it will be. Don't wait till you have a completely finished product that no one likes using!

Any interested companies can email me at jeff@jeffreycrow.com, I love talking about what I do.

There is already a monthly "who is hiring" thread including interns, the last one was at http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3537881.

Enternships is looking for developer interns in London: http://www.enternships.com/en/enternships/5323-enternships-s...

Shameless plug: You can find a lot of great internships with startups here http://www.enternships.com/en/enternships

OctaneNation, a Start-Up Chile graduate, is looking to change they way automotive enthusiasts interact. Positions are available for passionate enthusiasts who also think that forums are broken. The market of parts to customize cars is $30B in the US alone...

Send an email with your background and interests and we can discuss in more details how you can fit in. Opportunities exist for biz dev, design, and development.

London - Software Developer - Paid

OpenMarket makes it really easy for enterprises to add a mobile element to their business. This means SMS, MMS, mobile payments and voice+video telephony.

This link is for a full time role, but it gives a flavour of our internships.


Interested? neil dot johnson at openmarket dot com

Boombotix is hiring interns in San Francisco.

We make wireless & portable speakers designed for life in motion.

We're looking for motivated, confident SEO, web dev (rails), marketing/PR, and iOS/Android dev interns. Flexible schedules, awesome grassroots startup based in the Mission District.

Contact ben@boombotix.com for more info.

San Francisco startups, would you hire an intern right now, in spring who is not very experienced but very cheap/free, motivated and willing to put in alot of work and to learn too?? if yes please do email me at afifantabli[at]gmail.com

ZeroCater is hiring in San Francisco


We don't explicitly list that we're looking for developers at the moment, but we're always happy to talk with strong candidates.

Rapleaf is hiring interns for the summer. To apply, see if you can solve the coding challenge here: http://www.codeeval.com/public_sc/41/

Tivli's hiring. We're based at the Harvard Innovation Lab, and we're building and rapidly iterating upon TV, the most popular platform in the world.

PM me for more, or check out hack.tivli.com.

are you looking for full-time as well ?

We are.


Euclid Elements, Palo Alto, is looking for a Product Intern. http://euclidelements.com/jobs

If you want to code Python in Berlin, Germany, have a look at http://www.freshmilk.de

RJMetrics is hiring software development interns in Philly


How difficult would it be for a guy from Hong Kong to intern at a US/UK based startup(in terms of the visa application process)?

We're opening an office in Beijing, if interested, email me.

I agree 100%. I have noticed it's very hard to find eligible startups. To any startups in the NYC/Philadelphia area that are looking for interns, feel free to email me at hi [at] saewitz.com.

Hi am a Android developer of 4 years and I have been doing consulting for 6 years. My portfolio is on appmunki.com if anyone needs a mobile or web program i was trying to find a way to learn about start-ups anyway.

Could not agree more

Any start-ups in the Boston-Cambridge area, OVER HERE! Reply to this post or email me at eligottlieb@gmail.com!

Agreed, would love to see small startups posting opportunities for interns.

If you're in NYC, don't hesitate to email me at jpollak92 [at] gmail

See http://likesecret.com for my latest project.

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