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It's still not your cheapest option in many ways, but sometimes. Cheap enough is good.

Actually, for this precise use case, it might well be among the cheapest.

With a 3-year reserved instance, using the "intensive usage" pricing (since it's always on), and in the cheapest availability zone. I get a price of 6.42$/month. I guess in practice, even for an personal thing, around 10GB of storage would be required (1$) (does the installed OS counts towards this number ?). Add 10GB of transfered data (1$), as a vpn/screen server is unlikely to have huge amounts of incoming data.

The final price is 8.42$. Which, for a 600MB ram server, is quite competitive. If I didn't forget something.

This is about the only use case where I would recommend AWS, though. Starting at ~25/30$, there are way better alternatives (including cheap dedicated). And if you need more bandwidth, cheap VPS tend to come with 20 or 100GB/month at least. But you'd get less RAM.

For my ssh proxy needs (primarily, routing around geo-IP locating me in the UK, and instead appearing from a US IP), 600MB is overkill. As a result, I pay 36 USD a year for a Xen virtualized box with 128MB ram and allegedly 300GB data a month (though I never get anywhere near that). That's 3 USD a month. And if I was buying a new similar server today, I could probably get something better and cheaper.

If you don't need much, http://www.lowendbox.com/ is a good site to see what's out there.

I thought about that when I moved (in progress) to my own 'place on the net'. I went with a different provider, took the name from a recent discussion about cheap VPS solutions.

I have 2 cores (well, shared box..), 1GB of ram, 20 GB of hdd. I don't quite remember what option I selected for bandwidth, but the hoster's TOS say 'if you exceed your bandwidth limit, we'll throttle you to 10MBit. No additional charges apply'. Uhm.. Fine.

I pay 11 EUR, which is awfully close to your price without any commitment (I can cancel every month) and with better specs.

I'm not sure where your math went wrong, but iirc I pay between 5 and 6 something a month. I'll check exactly what it is later.

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