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on Feb 12, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite

It's excusable to mistake that post for spam.

No paragraphs, repetition, generic audience, then ends with a speculation.

Assuming that this is the reason for his inability to access HN, why would a ban have been made at the IP level but not at the account level?

Are you unable to access HN from https:// as well as http://? I know of some recent issues where some Comcast ip ranges in San Francisco were unable to access the site without switching to https.

I'm able to get to the site on http now but a few months back I was having the same problem. I couldn't get to the site on http so was using proxies for a while but then realized https worked fine. Not really sure what was going on.. but like I said, all is well now. I'm on Time Warner in the Raleigh NC area.

Yeah, you can't use this site without https on Comcast anymore.

I've had the https site bookmarked for months now because http is banned randomly at least half the time.

weird story (both of them)

I'm slightly unsure why this is so highly voted :(

Probably because many people believe that it's the only way to get answers from our Internet overlords at YC, Google... Though I'm pretty sure (a belief based on nothing really) in this case an e-mail to pg would suffice.

Sounds like something that YC couldn't handle as it's not an issue for most of us here... and I guess what really surprises me is that there's really no way of even assisting the poster because we don't know:

a. who his ISP is,

b. DNS entries,

c. his IP (NO do NOT give this to us!)

Besides, what does "I haven't been able to access the HN sub domain from my home ip address" mean - getting an HTTP error code, server timeout, DNS errors?

In all, and sorry to be harsh/risk looking like a flamer or complainer, but this isn't relevant to startups or entrepreneurs, nor is it interesting.

I don't care about you getting banned, but the story you submitted yesterday is quite interesting. I had similar experiences in the past. Of course if you want to be uber paranoid, don't participate in Google Analytics either. Don't google for your site yourself, don't do any site: commands for your own domain, etc, etc. Also, don't do any spamming of your site from your own Gmail account! They're watching you!

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