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It may be time to start a news podcast, the "hacker new podcast", where 3 of the top HN users discuss the day's headlines and comments on HN - 5 minutes/day.

Think of it as a summary of HN for HN fans who don't have the time to read all the comments.

Slate's Gabfests would probably be a good model for these. They're really entertaining to listen to, and very insightful.

They've never discussed it explicitly, but their "formula" seems to include:

- usually at most three main topics (occasionally more)

- a closing bit of silliness

- they make sure everyone has had time to prepare something to say on the topics to-be-discussed

- each person has a computer handy (but I never hear anyone typing, which is nice)

- they have some facility for including external audio (for discussion, e.g., music or ads)

- one person leads the discussion, trying to keep people on topic, and making sure that a transition happens to the next one at the right time

- keep the podcast between 45 and 60 minutes, fairly consistently

- they release it at a regular time

- it's weekly, and comes out at a regular time

As another Gabfest fan, I'll add: - Community involvement. Live shows and a facebook fan page which they stay active on, and refer to during the show. - Good mix of regulars, semi-regulars (usually other Slate people), and occasional guests.

TechZing was doing something similar with its panel shows but.. definitely not 5 minutes or each day ;-) I give your idea a thumbs up but podcast production is pretty hard work so it would take some rather dedicated souls to pull it off well.

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