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You are selling yourself a little short. And unfortunately some of the commenting public here can't see through your self deprecation, and just add insults thinking they're smarter. They're not.

Algorithms, the kind you're talking about, are HARD. All of the algorithms you gave as examples were originally research papers that took months to years to develop. All of the algorithms you cited are algorithms that pretty much EVERYONE gets wrong the first time, no matter how good they are or think they are.

The big question is do you want to write algorithms, instead of, or in addition to, the other kinds of programming? If coding sorts, searches and crazy data structures interests you, then DO IT! It takes practice and patience, and it probably won't end up better than large scale efforts you find in libraries, but it is FUN!

Cryptography in particular is fun because you will definitely get it wrong. Everybody gets it wrong, everyone here claiming they are good algorithmists will definitely royally screw up a crypto implementation, and very, very few people can come up with anything remotely decent on their own. The handful of people that can do it as their life's work.

Amen! I second this.. Finally someone with truth.

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