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This thinking is exactly what Moneyball was all about in Baseball. Football looking at the wrong things.

For instance, 225# reps, vertical leap, reach, etc (all NFL combine measurements). Great, you are measuring and ranking, but are you doing anything meaningful? Are you actually looking at the right things? Probably not.

If they were, Wes Welker, Tom Brady, Victor Cruz (all in the past superbowl) would have been first round picks, probably top 10. Not undrafted, or late round picks. And JeMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf wouldn't have been drafted #1 and #2 overall (all the physical tools but not the mental - flame outs).

The point is that we as people tend to think we know what to measure and track, but we likely don't. Frankly, we are probably making it up on the fly and we convince ourselves and others that these are good measures, and until someone figures out the next best thing, they actually are. But, as I said, they are probably not the best, or maybe even good, in the infinite wisdom sense.

But, think about it this way. Both football and programming have ways we can actually see if someone can do what they say that can do: literally, look at the film. Look at game day film on a player. Look at github or other places for programmers. And, just like with football players, give them REAL scenarios that test their ability to think through a problem, in real time. Do the same with a programmer. Put these two together and you get rid of the people who can't think (Russell and Leaf) and you get rid of the "physical specimens" that can't play (Most any Oakland WR drafted under Davis).

I personally think this is a much better way that weeds out the most people. Refine your questions and technique and you can spot the people who can and can't perform pretty quickly. If you are unsure, give them a simulated game (programming problem at home) to see what they can do.

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