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Show HN: rqlite 7.15, the distributed DB built on SQLite, now with backups to S3 (github.com/rqlite)
13 points by otoolep on April 28, 2023 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Honestly, I am following the rqlite project for a while now.

And I can't decide whether it's genius or madness at work.

I think there might be a huge potential if rqlite would also announce/discover other compatible nodes via dns-sd.

Nice idea. Sort of allows the MVP using sqlite approach knowing you can upgrade to this. I imagine this is good for edge compute? Hopefully you don’t need all of the data at every node?

rqlite creator here.

Yes, you still need the data at every node. rqlite is not about edge-compute specifically (though many solutions have come along after rqlite was created to address that need, I guess I should have responded to that demand much earlier instead :-)). One of my primary goals with rqlite has always been ease-of-deployment and ease-of-use. I wanted to build a quality distributed database that was both really reliable and super easy-to-use.

Check out the FAQ, which might answer some more of your questions: https://rqlite.io/docs/faq/

Hm, I'm still not sold on the advantages of using a distributed SQLite instead of a centralised Postgres in this scenario.

You are probably right! I think anything I do anyway, stick to the well trodden path. But this is food for thought.

To quote from the rqlite FAQ[1]:

"Why would I use this, versus some other distributed database?

rqlite is very simple to deploy, run, and manage – in fact, simplicity-of-operation is a key design goal. It’s also lightweight and easy to query. It’s a single binary you can drop anywhere on a machine, and just start it, which makes it very convenient. It takes literally seconds to configure and form a cluster, which provides you with fault-tolerance and high-availability. With rqlite you have complete control over your database infrastructure, and the data it stores.

That said, it’s always possible it’s too simple for your needs."

[1]: https://rqlite.io/docs/faq/#why-would-i-use-this-versus-some...

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