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"I made a single exception for Google, and I had to take tranquilizers not to throw up during the interview. I consider this kind of interview to be borderline abuse. It serves no useful purpose that can't be better achieved through different means other than to humiliate those whose brains don't function well under this kind of pressure."

Is this really because of the whiteboard though? Interviewing is a stressful thing to go through, and no process is going to be perfect for everyone. I agree that in general it can be harsh on candidates who are not glib and extrovertive, but this doesn't have much to do with the whiteboard.

Is this really because of the whiteboard though?

Yes, I have no problem at all with a "traditional" job interview. Even ones where I've been given a paper exam and then left alone for a while have been okay. Though I also find that kind of interview to be rather distasteful, I've never actually had any problem doing well on the exam. Doing well on written exams (with solitude) is a skill that anyone who has graduated from a good school probably has already been forced to acquire.

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