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I've always thought, in a working environment, it would be best for everyone involved if designers got up to speed with git. I know git is hard, and I know designers are not necessarily command-line junkies.

Rather, my point is simply: it's worth it.

So for me, downloading a client that syncs, while useful, is not the _answer_.

The answer is for designers to embrace git and also for developers to make git easier to use. Whether that requires a better UI, better documentation, better tutorials, etc.

Git has the power to do all this and more, there just needs to be an intuitive wrapper for the workflow maybe?

Yes, Git does. For text files. Not for something like a PSD. A PSD absolutely requires some sort of visual diff tool that can interpret a diff of a binary PSD, just just a binary file.

Bingo. Git workflow/collaboration needs to be made simple for everyone involved. Shameless plug: http://gitpilot.com is our attempt at solving the problem. But, I think you hit the nail on the head that developers need to make Git easier to use.

GitHub have a fantastic Mac App which makes git significantly easier to use for those less technically inclined.

It's sort of fantastic. I love that it's not just a remapping of git commands to buttons. It really is simple and easy to use.

The big problem with that is that its extremely buggy. It seems to choke on merge conflicts most of the time and it can get into some really weird states. I've had it undo changes on completely different files than what I told it to and lose hours of work.

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