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The functionality that you've outlined in your second paragraph wasn't obvious to me and I'd be interested in hearing more about that. I've been considering using GitHub:FI (I think it's called something else now) for a while now and their image diffs are helping to swing me in that direction. My first reaction to your service was that it was a nicer version of that without the rest of GitHub and I assume a designer friendly upload interface.

Sounds like you're aiming at teams and small ad agencies? Is that correct? I do like the idea of being able to share the versions as it progresses with other stakeholders. That is valuable. I didn't grep that from the demo. Admittedly I didn't poke around too much, I spent a few minutes on the site.

Is this for web design teams or mostly traditional media teams (Packaging, branding, print)? If the former, how do the developers work with it? If the latter, I like the functionality you've described.

I apologize if these questions and my critiques are too early in your dev cycle, I realize that you just released this (And it does look well polished!). I really just have an interest in this space and would like to see something work for my needs.

Your feedback is great! Our initial goal is to focus on web design teams because that's what we have the most experience with. As a designer, I can share a permalink either to a particular revision or all the revisions with a developer and he can pull the assets and incorporate them back into the codebase. We don't have too much experience with traditional media teams so we're not sure how the workflow is different but we'd love to learn more. Please email me: shravan@pixelapse.com and I'd be happy to chat more.

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