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I'm trying to come up with something more interesting to say than "Wow". I've wished I had this a few times.

I think the only thing that you lose here is access to an actual "diff", but visually, you get most of it.

Grats on a fantastic achievement.

Thanks for the kind words, Andrew. I'm not sure if you found it but you can compare multiple revisions side by side and also overlay revisions to see what's changed.

I think Andrew might mean the ability to see changes in a non-visual fashion. IE: Layer 2 removed, Layer 3 Blending mode changed.

Someone was working on a .js PSD file parser, which may be of interest down the line but it was in early stages.

Great product, I love the idea. Well done.

It took me awhile to find it, because in FF 10 on Windows, the X|Y button is showing up as an FL (it looks like it might be a sprite issue? the buttons on the bottom have the same problem) but once I found it, I liked it a lot.

We have fixed the problem for Firefox. It should look great now!

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