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Often interviewers don't care about something that seems important because we know that one of the other interviewers has already tested it.

There've been times where I've had a candidate code up a solution and I didn't care whether he got the solution right or not. Because other interviewers had already given him coding & algorithm questions, and I figured their feedback would show whether or not he could do that. I was looking for familiarity with JavaScript language features and DOM APIs, and how he approached a vaguely-specified problem and what design choices he made. That was the part that hadn't been tested in earlier interviews.

Interviewing doesn't have to be confrontational. When we're trained, we're told that our job is to get the candidate to show us their best side. That aligns with the interests of both good and bad candidates. It's just that good candidates will be able to show us a really good side, while bad candidates simply don't have that ability. Then it's up to the hiring committee to set a really high bar and only accept candidates that have demonstrated it.

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