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Show HN: Retro games hosted in Cloudflare Pages for free (retrogmz.com)
54 points by technicidat 11 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments
Created some free sites to play online versions of retro MS games like Minesweeper, Solitaire and others such as Sudoku & Tic Tac Toe. I learned about Cloudflare's Pages at same time to host all the code at no cost.

I lost on my first click in Minesweeper. That's the authentic Minesweeper game experience I'm seeking for!

Clicking both mouse buttons on Minesweeper to reveal all the squares around a square doesn't work for me (Firefox on Linux).

I don't know if it's a browser issue (browser restrictions on JS altering right click behavior), a runtime issue, or maybe you're using a very old version of Minesweeper that doesn't support this function? (I know the Windows 95 version supports it)

Cloudflare actually has a lot in its free tier for many of their services. Is this any different then Vercels offering?

Bandwidth is unlimited. You can have 100 tb in traffic and it will cost zero.

I miss those end-game animations in Solitaire! If you can bring those back to life it's truly perfect.

The cascading decks that bounce towards you?. It's got them!

Shoot, really? I didn't see it - guess I have to play again!

How do I flag a square in Minesweeper?

I believe right-click a square. (tried linux firefox)

Two finger click on macOS works for me

I've had a MacBook for years and never knew this was a thing.

And it's not exclusive to macOS. Pretty much all modern laptops running modern Windows, Linux, or macOS has the two-finger tap feature.

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