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Show HN: Jellylade – Turn your screenshots into posts (jellylade.com)
66 points by slava_ustinov 12 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 23 comments

I really wish that screenshoting was easier. Not hitting print screen but like… when I take screenshots, I want to automatically make a little journal entry, easily annotate with arrows that “look good”, and have subsequent screenshots also get bundled in. Bonus points for a pdf export that applies nice defaults to look good. Same as how a Word 201x document default just looks way better than Google docs.

“Help me bundle a bunch of pictures in a low friction way that looks nice” is still an untapped market IMO. Google is theoretically some UI skins and nicer defaults away from doing this through Google Docs. A shock to me that Evernote could never figure out how to get Skitch working as a part of this

We do this.. and then some -:) https://VisualSitemaps.com

Can you crawl websites on a private network not accessible from the outside (by downloading a tool that would run inside the network for example)? Your front page says "any url public or private" but it doesn't really answer that specific question.

I think a tool that would work inside corporate networks, and maybe be runnable on a simple notebook without requiring admin privileges on Windows, would have a significant market.

today we crawl private sites that only use cookies as their auth method: https://support.visualsitemaps.com/en/articles/3673081-how-t...

You are absolutely right about a local crawl offering. In fact it would cut down a lot of our server costs too -;) Will be looking into this at our next standup since it will require some refactoring.

There is however a massive trade-off in that crawling and screenshooting large >5000 pages on one cpu will take a really long time to do well because there is a complex screenshot stitching process, and that process will need an ALWAYS ON CPU.

What we are offering as of this month is enterprise custom cloud installs & licensing. That way 5k site will get done in 1-2 hours ( or faster ) instead of days!

There are some tools like CleanshotX that do this and make decent $$ AFAIK. No affiliation, just a happy customer.

Shouldn't it be the task of the platform (Twitter/Mastodon/FB/Insta/...) to make images look good?

When surrounding an image with a background color before posting it, you have to add a huge margin because you don't know in which aspect ratio it will be displayed on the users device, right?

You can choose the aspect ratio and size you want (supports official sizes from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

Interesting. I now see that Twitter scales and crops images the same way, independent of your screen.

That makes it indeed predictable, how a posted image will look like.

Very limited use. There was another similar tool a while back on HN where it added a 3D effect and a shading to any screenshot, making it more fancy for demo purposes. This just adds a background.

That might have been https://pika.style/

This feature is built in by default to some screenshot tools. Funnily I use it most often not to make screenshots look better, but just to add some padding to beat the bad cropping algorithms on Twitter, Slack, Telegram etc that otherwise only show a small piece of your image in the thumbnail instead of the whole thing.

I've also found Browserframe.io useful (add a fake minimalist browser to your screenshot, and can also add a background, drop shadows etc)

I just used a similar product for making screenshot sets for an iOS app I just released. A real easy extension would be to offer export options for Apple/Google play screenshot sizes, then you open up to another (albeit, probably small) market.

This is nice. I'm not sure I'd use it for the occasional post, but I could see it being useful for someone who posts a lot. How long have you been working on it?

Probably useful for people doing web stories.


Wow! This is the tool I am looking for! What features do you plan to provide in premium version in future if you have one.

In the future, premium subscriptions will include features such as API, creating and saving custom templates

Can't really use it on mobile :(

Yes, Unfortunately, for now only on PC. But in the future I will make a mobile version.

Looks cool. Very kind of fringe use tbh. How did you intended this to be used?

My mission to create a tool for startup founders, marketing professionals to quickly and without design skills to create cool images for their social media posts and ads

I've wanted exactly this for quite a while, awesome project! do you plan to keep it free? Or is functionality going to paywalled soon?

Every available function is unrestrictedly free. Future premium subscriptions will include features like the API, creating and saving custom templates, for instance.


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