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A thesis on anonymous p2p networks that fails to mention basically any of the notable anonymous p2p networks (e.g. freenet, Share, Perfect Dark, ...) or protocols (WASTE).

This wasn't a thesis on anonymous P2P networks themselves, I was only looking at end-user compatible, actual implementations of file-sharing software rather than overlay networks. I should have probably clarified that a bit more.

I was also mostly focusing on networks with active communities that are still in development.

- WASTE isn't developed any more and hasn't been for quite some time

- Share and Perfect Dark are both closed source and only active in Japan. This makes them pretty much useless (closed source) and I wouldn't call them "notable" if they're limited to a single country and some scattered anime fans. Users of these networks have also been arrested in Japan for copyright violation, so I'm not sure how good their implementation actually was.

As for freenet: This is true, I should have probably spent the time. Sadly, this thesis was only 12 of 30 credits in that semester, so most of the time I had to do something else and was a bit limited when it came to depth and breadth.

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