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Sybil attack, insightful question.. Yes we protect against it: http://www.asci.tudelft.nl/media/proceedings_asci_conference... -tribler founder

"The BarterCast mechanism was designed by Meulpolderet al. to distinguish free-riders and cooperative peers in file-sharing environments. After the first release, Seuken et al. [?] proposed an improvement to make it more resilient against misreporting attacks. Their solution is based on ignoring some of the feedback reports. Also, this solution could cut down the severity of the attack, but on the other hand it increases the feedback sparsity."

Do you have the cite handy for the paper referred to in section 2? I'm curious about the problem of network degradation due to pollution by an adversary whose clones attempt to maximize their reputation so as to isolate non-clones before initiating the attack.

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