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Switching the background-color to black and the text color to green results in a really cool looking display.

This is pretty cool! It's worth saying that the paper [1] referenced in the script source is also really quite interesting.

[1]: http://www.dgp.toronto.edu/people/stam/reality/Research/pdf/...

Thanks for pointing it out, i'm bleeding out the fingertips wanting to play with fluid physics now.

Changelog: added "hacker mode"

Very nice :-)


I'll admit, the first thing I wanted to know what what this would look like in green monochrome. (ala jwz, http://www.jwz.org/)

truley awesome in green how did you do this? that's the first thing that came to my mind

In Chrome (any other browser with developer tools would be able to do this as well) I just right clicked on the animation area and clicked "Inspect Element". Doing that exposes the developer tools which includes the ability to make live edits to CSS. The animation window is, very nicely, contained in a single element "p#fluid". From the developer tools it's a simple matter to change the color declaration from red to green and add a new "background-color: black" property.

Yep, also it's easier in firefox but you have to install Firebug :/

Nope, no need to install Firebug, as of Firefox 10. Just right-click -> Inspect Element -> Style, and edit away!


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