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Looks like the script was made by this guy http://nerget.com/

Yes, absolutely, much deserved credit goes to Oliver Hunt at nerget.com for implementing the equations discussed in that amazing Alias|Wavefront paper (by Jos Stam) in javascript. His work was very helpful for me and he is very much worthy of your attention.

Link to the paper:


I was surprised to see not just equations but actual C code -- a pretty readable paper.

Can you elaborate on what Oliver Hunt did and what you added to it? Seems like he wrote the original and you converted to ASCII output?

That's right. Oliver Hunt wrote a full simulator and released it under MIT, which was so perfect as I was just starting to look into fluid dynamics myself, for what ended up being this website. I used his physics calculator component almost verbatim, and wrote the display/ui stuff I needed around it as though I were using a library.

I've done more serious touching of it, for performance reasons -- taking mults and invariants out of loops, or memoizing for example -- but I always ended up either breaking it or making it slower, so for now I've settled with leaving it alone!

Hurrah! Good to see it being reused :D

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