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Have the highest respect for the folks at 37signals, but this is definitely not a HN frontpage worthy post. I'm beginning to see almost every blog post by them on HN front page. No offense but it doesn't kindle the hacker's knowledge in any way.

I could not disagree more. I love posts like this. They took a very common idiom and re-imagined it in a fun and creative way. The insight into the process was interesting and really useful as a reference point for my own work.

More just like this please.

I have to agree. Getting insights on the small things like this demonstrate to me in simpler terms bigger ideas blogs like this communicate.

I'm a hacker. It kindles my knowledge. Speak for yourself.

Well, this is not a place for "hackers" with the hardcore definition of the term. The linux development mailing list or Lambda the Ultimate might be better candidates. There are people of all skills on HN, from hardcore C programmers, to front-end developers, to front end guys, to entrepreneur guys, to programming enthusiasts, to designers, to system administrators and operations guys.

The topic of the post is highly relevant to a lot of stuff, from thinking about UI problems, to iterating on a problem, to business decisions, to the avatar issue in specific, etc.

Much much better than the not so unusual fare of "Show HN: I made a clone of reddit in Visual Basic, come see" or "How we got burned storing customer credit card info in plain text on a in memory database on an old overclocked Pentium-III under a cupboard in our kitchen".

I thought this article was great and says a lot about the importance of details. In a way I see a lesson in the importance of details but I also see people concentrating entirely too much on something that may not deserve the amount of time that's going into it. But back to your original point - despite the fact that I liked the article I am also seeing the same pattern. To me it seems that either everything that gets posted on the 37Signals blog is pure gold or, more likely, it's like there's a Cult of 37Signals around here now. They have some good stuff but come on, the front page is starting to look like their personal RSS feed.

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