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What do you think of the Phantom Protocol? It's very focused on the anonymity part, but also aims to be "indestructible":


I remember adding it to my "read later" list at some point in the past, but that's an ever growing stack of PDF files :)

While I can't say anything about it from a networking point of view, a big problem is that there is no easy "how can I use this" guide on the project page. I firmly believe that a well packaged implementation is the basis for anything :)

It also seems to be an overlay network. I personally think that an encrypted friend2friend Darknet approach is more useful as an first step rather than trying to do it on an internet scale. "Social" Darknets offer a good balance between transfer speed, security and people being ok with their upload being used (since it's by their direct friends). I'm still waiting for a usable software that integrates within existing social networks (twitter, facebook, ...) to gather peers

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