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On top of the read problem, they have to deal with the fact that HDDs are just really energy-inefficient. With the world going to mobile, we can't predicate the future on the need for moving parts.

It's a damned cool technology, and I hope it leads to something useful, but I just can't see it becoming the prevalent paradigm.

Yes, you're right the world is going mobile and in mobile less (no) moving parts is better (more durable etc.) That is also why I think that consumer grade devices will be unlikely (unless read speeds are bumped up, too)

But mobile, in our case, means also a shift to the cloud, where significant more potent storage technologies could make a real difference. I really hope, too, that technology will lead to something new.

Fair enough. It's hard to see where these kinds of write (but normal read) speeds would be necessary, even in a server farm, but I guess the beauty of enabling technologies is that they allow for use cases no one could have imagined when they were conceived.

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