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I think they answered your question pretty thoroughly and promptly, despite your intense neckbearding.

Certainly more thoroughly than the Path guys.

Stop being such a zuck[1], calling security-consciouness "neckbearding".

[1] A zuck: someone who, due to a combination of ignorance and malice, is dismissive of others' efforts to improve their security and protect their privacy.

I believe the “neckbearding” referred to berating this poor support staffer for his/her lack of technical expertise. The guy/gal was pretty clearly doing the best he/she could, and the responses from the “security conscious” user could have conveyed the same message with a lot less condescension.

The guy/gal was pretty clearly doing the best he/she could

Awww... The little guy was doing his best. Oh, wait. You're not talking about a puppy? but the customer-facing front of a company?

Strangely, qualified engineers and security experts keep turning down the consumer-facing support jobs.

OK seriously that was some of the best support responses to a customer complaint I've read in a LONG time. The support person was super friendly, spoke to several devs internally to get a good resolution, and really tried their best to help this annoyingly persistent customer with their complaint. Calling them names is totally uncalled for here in my view.

Yeah I failed to see the problem with his complaint. He complained, they responded, and responded, and even responded unprovoked.

"Do you store my contacts" .. "no." "Ok, uh, I don't like your tone. Please respond to this new issue."

I don't think this person understands that he doesn't actually have a complaint with foursquare.

If more of us were prepared to complain about this stuff, none of us would have to complain about this stuff.

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