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>> "Get over it."

What a stupid response. I'm not a huge privacy advocate but this is a massive breach of trust/privacy. Not only are apps taking your personal contact information but the contact information of everyone you have in your address book. So regardless of your stance on privacy, the privacy of all of your contacts is also at stake.

If I thought these companies were going to do something malicious with the data then it would be an issue. These companies aren't spammers. They aren't criminals. They don't plan to do anything malicious with the data. Your privacy, my privacy or any of my contacts privacy isn't at risk. It's not at risk but I don't think someone at Hipster is going through the data and using it in any way.

I'll accept the point that maybe hipster or path are not (yet) sifting through the data they obtained, however, sometimes startups go bankrupt and someone buys whatever assets are left over. Address data may get sold to a buyer with a different view of privacy. Servers may get hacked and data gets lost. Keep in mind that if you're using hipster/path you're not only risking your data but also the private data of anyone you have in your address book. It's one thing if friends of mine decide that they hand out their phone number, it's another thing if they decide to hand out mine.

hey may not be using it maliciously (I don't think they are either) but they should be handling our data more carefully. And it's possible that they may use this data in the future.

The part you should be worried about is the fact that they are taking the contact info of your friends and family. People who trusted you enough to give you their data. You/we the users should not get to make the judgement call as to whether or not we are going to give their data up.

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