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Why are you making money? (jayferd.us)
3 points by jayferd on Feb 8, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

When I was in grade school, life was so hard for us. There were times that my teacher won’t allow me to take the final test because my tuition fee is not yet paid. My family also experienced a Christmas without food on out table. I remember my eldest brother swear that he wont allow that thing to happened to us again.

Now, I am a fulltime office worker, a student currently taking Masteral degree, and a part-time worker online. I am doing everything to have money. Why? Because I don’t want to experience the hardship that we’ve been through before. I want to give my parents a good life and let them experience to travel, eat in a fancy restaurant, wear a signture clothes, and do the stuff that rich people can do.

Further, I want to sponsor children and send them to school because I don’t want them to experience the humiliating situation I have been.

I am not yet rich, still working towards that goal. If I reach it, surely, I am not the only person who will be benefited, but the also the people around me.

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