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Workers will continue to work under worse and worse conditions until consumers say "Stop--there's no justification for doing that, not even for profit!"

True. And the craziest thing is that the consumers and the workers are mostly the same population. It's not like dirt poor people in China produce and rich guys in Malibu consume. Most consumption if from ordinary families, workers, the middle class etc.

The problem is that people think in "modes", so when in "consumer mode" they go for the cheapest stuff. This would make sense if price paid was all there is to it, but they forget that by doing so they also alter the balance with regards to work and wages, something that will in turn affect them as workers.

From fewer factories being built in their country, to office jobs getting worse conditions, to the disappearance of the middle class, to the economy tumbling down. Henry Ford is said to have said: "If I don't pay them [his workers] more, who will buy my cars?".

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