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Pycoder's Weekly (pycoders.com)
84 points by googletron on Feb 7, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

What about this one?


An RSS feed would be nice, I think. I'd prefer to keep my email inbox uncluttered.

There will be RSS for the issues. That is the first item on the todo list after we get the first issue released.

Are you planning to offer something better than http://www.pythonweekly.com/ ? In other words, why should I subscribe to _another_ weekly python digest? :)

It will be interesting, but we plan to offer a more immersed and curated discussion, with images and media where possible.

It will come down to if you like the curators and share their passion for python development.

pythonweekly.com is awesome, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved, and competition doesn't hurt.

and competition doesn't hurt.

Usually, yep!

A rising tide lifts all boats, and the increase in newsletters is validating them as a viable option for hesitant subscribers.

I run several newsletters (most famously http://javascriptweekly.com/) and I'm delighted to see all of these new *Weekly newsletters (although, admittedly, I'm kicking myself for being too generic with the 'weekly' suffix) because they're helping to validate my entire business model and subscriber #s keep leaping up! :-)


Am I the only one that wishes the term "curated" would crawl back under the rock it came from?

Can you give some more information about your project? Who are you guys? Why would I be interested in your opinion on what is good? What topics are covered? What is an example issue?

Right now, I only get the smugness:

"One e-mail each Friday(starting Feb. 17th), easy to unsubscribe, only god knows why you would want to do that."

Pycoder's Weekly, will be a weekly newsletter for those interested in python development and various topics around python. It will be broken down into sections on topics regarding web development, python news, python projects and general python discussion.

We are both full time python developers and enthusiasts, if you would like to know more about us, we have provided our twitter accounts at the bottom of the site.

We are just gearing up for our first issue (17th of February), I promise the smugness will be justified.

You have outline some good points, We will take them to heart and improve the site accordingly.


You should put that same text on the website. I signed up immediately, but then had questions as to whether or not I should have.

That text would have sold me without a doubt.

The homepage has been updated. I hope this reflects our passion about doing the best job possible. :)

i used to get a weekly python email. what happened to that? [searches email...] python-url from gabriel genellina.

here's an example - http://lwn.net/Articles/454574/ - which looks like cameron laird's email to subscribe, but i can't find anything at http://phaseit.net/ to indicate if it's still in operation.

hmm. the latest i can find is aug 25 2011, which is the last one in my mailbox. so i guess it died.

Perfect opportunity to join in a new mailing list, that won't die out.

Sometimes I think mailing lists are the future aswell as the past. Something very elegant about them, moreso than something like google reader. The suckless-tools mailing list (http://suckless.org/community) is a great example.

I think the real value is in the curation, which is something you don't get from google reader.

Essentially, if a list is curated well enough, you know you will be able to find things of value on there and I know for me, not having to rummage through my rss feeder has a lot of value.

Its the same reason why I read hacker news, better curation then my rss reader.

Its the same reason why I read hacker news, better curation then my rss reader.

If you want to take it one step further sign-up for my Hacker Newsletter (http://www.hackernewsletter.com) ;)

Already there my man :)

Add a link to the current issue of the newsletter, so folks know what to expect before signing up.

[EDIT: I see the first issue will be the 17th, cool; well maybe add a link to that when it comes out]

We will, but there currently is no current issue, first issue is on the 17th.

We expect there to be archives of the individual issues that you can browse before you signup.

Sounds good. Any example content you can put on the signup website now (a single sample story, a sample contents listing, anything) might go a long way in convincing people to sign up.

I would not want to sign up without seeing a sample.

There will be samples as soon as the first issue is sent out, in the mean time you will have to trust us!

Nice project.

Will you be accepting contributions from readers(May I contribute)?

If so, where could you be contacted(other than twitter(I don't tweet))?

Hey, not 100% sure what we are doing about contributors yet, but feel to shoot me an email at myusername@pycoders.com.

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