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As I note above, Honeywell does have a color touchscreen, no-button, net-connected programmable thermostat that costs about what the Nest thermostat costs. For homes.

But, stupidly, they don't sell it in stores, they sell it through HVAC contractors, so do-it-yourselfers won't run into them at the hardware store.

They sell it to contractors at the price of the Nest. Once the contractors add their own margin, not including the install, it's double the price of the nest.

Yeah, as I note in another comment, Nest isn't so much taking advantage of lagging thermostat technology, they're taking advantage of the crappy outdated distribution model.

So, you're saying they're pirates.

No, they're selling their own product, in channels where gadget freaks and DIY types will encounter it.

Maybe that's the lesson they need to learn.

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