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YC interview advice (david.weebly.com)
50 points by drusenko on Nov 6, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Speaking of Ramen, don't get the grocery-store stuff, that's for suckers. Get the good stuff off Amazon or VeryAsia.com. I'm pretty sure we lived exclusively off of Mi Goreng Pedas for about 2 weeks straight when we just didn't feel a trip to the grocery store was a good use of time.

Also, try to find a non-technical co-founder. Dan didn't have a ton to do before we launched, so I got free (as in cooked) meals! Woo!

Now nobody cooks :(

At least we have the old school deli.

You should provide links to the GosuGod Noodles and Jebus Sauce. Jebus makes GosuGod, but Jebus is somewhat worthless without GosuGod - sort of like the holy trinity. The spirit can be the boiling water. Or maybe I should just call the aggregate: Flying Ramen Monster.


Once we have salaries instead of stipends I'll start cooking again :).

Malnutrition: The supper of champions.

Thanks for the advice and good luck, again, to all those venturing out there in a couple of weeks.

I'm more interested in the banner picture used in that blog. Incredible cool holographic effect when you move your mouse cursor over the banner. Never seen that before

See http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=288894 for more info on the technique.

Thanks a bunch

'Having said that, be sure you know your market in and out. You better know who your competitors are ("We don't have any" is not an acceptable answer), the history of the market (What previous companies were similar?...'

At least, both Reddit and TicketStumbler claimed they didn't know who their main competitor was and they were accepted.

So, "We don't have any" _is_ an acceptable answer.

Not true.

I said when we first formed the idea and started working on it we didn't know who our competition was (if any). However, by the time we got to the interview, we did.

Or was, at least. These things may change over time as YC gets more competitive.

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