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As far as IDE's I have found JSLint in jsfiddle.net (http://jsfiddle.net/shaydoc/geQvz/) handy, else I've just got reacquainted with the javascript way and been developing in notepad. Google Chrome has fantastic developer tools as already mentioned! debugging is a sinch and console.log is brilliant!

Framework wise, I am loving http://Knockoutjs.com, its an MVVM design style, similar to the pattern frequently used for Silverlight development, and its got great tutorial and support on the site. I particularly like the Knockout mapping plugin as it will automatically map JSON into a ViewModel, sweet!

Checkout the author Steve Sanderson's blog also, well worth reading : http://blog.stevensanderson.com/

I have been getting familiar with http://amplifyjs.com which simplifies ajax request management and client side storage, as well as a publish/subscribe messaging.

Also recently stumbled upon http://xuijs.com/ which I intend to get more familiar with!

Good luck with your ventures in javascript!

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