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I have a lot of trouble finding the desired code block in, say Firebug or Chrome dev tools. Especially if a page has multiple concatenated JS files. The search box is helpful, but often unreliable.

If I'm working with the code in a text editor, it's usually easier for me to find the code block in the text editor and type 'debugger' rather than root around in the dev tools.

Both WDT and Firebug let you jump to a given line. In Firebug, type # followed by the line number in the search box.

In the WDT, there's a keystroke which you should be able to find (it's command-L in Safari)

That doesn't work if you are using CoffeeScript which has no direct line translation. 'debugger' is the best way that I've found.

Similarly, we concatenate our JS with sprockets[0] -- so what's on line 50 of module.js in the pre-compiled code base may be on line 1350 of app.js in the browser.

0 : https://github.com/sstephenson/sprockets

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