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I have been using AppHarbor for the past few months and have been very impressed.

The new pricing seems reasonable, but I would like to know exactly what a "worker" is (e.g. is it a worker process, a thread, or a server?).

All in all, its possible to get up and running with a < 10GB shared SQL Server instance running a site with your own domain for $20/month. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Good to hear - check out my answer to latch (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3545608).

AppHarbor is a multitenant platform and we're running multiple application on each application server. A worker is an actual worker process that is limited in terms of the amount of resources it can consume.

We'll add a more detailed explanation of what a worker actually is.

Does that mean that if I have 2 workers that I can be certain that they are on different logical machines in the event of a machine failure? Or may my 2 workers actually be on the same machine?

2 workers will always be on two different machines. We're probably going to reuse machines when you scale to more than that and increase process limits instead (this could yield better performance as you need to populate fewer local cache etc.)

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