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Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords INTERN, REMOTE, or H1B if the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. Feel free to post any job that may interest HN readers from executive assistant to machine learning expert to CTO.

Regular "Who's Hiring" posts state that posts should use these keywords and format which makes it easier to search for, say, internships in the UK.

[EDIT: use http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3537881 instead of this thread]

OT: Is there a reason not to wait for the whoishiring account to post this?

On topic: here is the post from whoIShiring


I don't know why whoever's behind this account is so desperate for karma.

It's the old-school trick - whoshiring - who's hiring rather than who is hiring.

It's not about karma, he has a throw away account. He just didn't know there was an official account for that.

Correct, and I didn't know if there was an official time-of-day for that (is there?) and I wanted to be in the first few minutes.

Sorry. I didn't know there was a dedicated role account for these.

What time of day is it usually posted?

REMOTE - Anywhere (Company is in the UK)

Replay Gaming is looking for a full-time Ruby/Rails developer to help us grow our virtual money poker site. We are a small team of experienced developers geographically distributed working with Skype, Pivotal Tracker and GitHub.

Replay Poker is as established play money poker site with big ambitions to grow substantially over the next 12 months.

About us

  * We’re incredibly small, so you’ll have a huge impact on the decisions and the work being done
  * We all work remotely, 100% of the time. Work from where ever you are most productive
  * We work both on a web application and on a ruby multi-threaded tcp server
Ideally you

  * Have professional experience working remotely
  * Are familiar with rails and ruby internals, specially active record and threads
  * Know threads and parallel programming best practices, use of mutexes, shared state, etc
  * Have worked with multi-threaded tcp servers, or other non http servers
  * Have experience scaling services horizontally
  * Have knowledge of Facebook integration
  * Have contributed to open source projects
  * Have experience with social real-time games
  * Enjoy playing poker!
You should

  * Have +2 years of Ruby web application development experience
  * Know SQL and concepts like transactions, database locks and ACID
  * Have linux working knowledge, and a mac or linux workstation
  * Have experience writing automated tests, be it BDD, TDD or something else
  * Have excellent english language skills
What we offer

  * Plenty of autonomy for you to work the way you think you’re most productive
  * A flexible process with the focus on efficiency of working with minimal bureaucracy
  * A mixture of a fun and challenging project working on a real-time game about to face scaling challenges
  * Competitive salary (negotiable and depending on experience/skills)
How to apply


Send an email with the subject of Ruby Developer to jobs@replaypoker.com. Please include your resume, a brief summary of recent work experience and hourly rate expectation.

Why has this been downvoted?


TxVia is looking for several strong system administrators to help us grow our payments business. We're well funded and have a lot of big clients including some household names. Our primary office is in NYC but working in our satellite offices (Dublin, Barcelona, Manila) or remotely would be fine too.

We run everything on Linux, we run both virtualised and bare metal environments. We need someone with experience in multi tier network environments (IPS, IDS etc), general network maintenance and support. We're on a big push to automate things we should have a long time ago, so strong scripting skills are a huge plus, as is experience with using Nagios for monitoring. Our software stack is Java so JVM performance tuning and analysis is also desirable. We have lots of interesting problems.

Mail me directly for more details or with questions, colin@<company>.com

Fulltime Java Research Engineer - Outbrain, Boston, MA

As a research engineer you will contribute directly to the algorithms driving the best recommendations on the web. This position is special because we’ll work on longer term – and often harder – problems which require a focus on sophisticated machine learning capabilities and research.

We are looking for a smart engineer, with practical know-how, good work discipline, and willingness to learn and have fun.


Excellent Java implementation skills. Knowledge of scripting languages a plus (e.g. Python) Background in Machine Learning / Statistical Natural LanguageProcessing / Information Retrieval and an ability to bring algorithms to production Comfort with UNIX/Linux


Knewton: New York (NYC) funded startup seeking software engineers interested in functional programming, machine learning, distributed systems, and "big data" problems. +ONSITE, +REMOTE, +FULLTIME, +INTERN.

Investors include Peter Thiel (Founder's Fund), Reid Hoffman, and Pearson, a leader in educational publishing. We were recognized as a Technology Pioneer for 2011 by the World Economic Forum in Davos and one of the top 25 best places to work by Crain’s New York Business.

We have about 80 employees right now. We pay full market salaries plus stock options, and you can take as much vacation as you need. Hours are typically 40-50 per week.

Our product is an adaptive learning platform, which means we use machine learning and "big data" techniques to deliver an individualized education to each student. Our eventual goal is to make a high-quality, adaptive education available to everyone in the world. The product is used by Arizona State University right now, and we recently signed a deal with Pearson to power many of their products.

Our code is a mix of Python, Java, and Scala. Most of our existing code is in Python, but we're working to scale up in a major way, which involves a migration to the JVM. Currently this involves a mix of Java and Scala, but our long-term goal is to move toward Scala. Consequently, we're really hot for Scala talent right now. Anyone who has experience taking Scala into production we would love to talk to right now.

You can reach me at knerd83 at gmail.com, and I'm a software engineer so I'll be able to answer any of your technical questions (e.g. why we're interested in Scala). Reach out if any of the following interest you:

* Using technology to democratize education.

* Machine learning and data mining, including approaches such as probablistic graphic models (PGMs), Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and Monte Carlo Markov Chains.

* Functional programming (cf. Scala and Python).

* The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) internals and performance optimization.

* NoSQL databases (Cassandra and Redis).

* Thrift (the RPC protocol).

* Cloud computing (Amazon Web Services, Unix) and distributed systems.

Boston, MA - 1 year paid internship for programmers to learn to hack biology. Ginkgo BioWorks is a well-funded MIT spinout that genetically engineers organisms that make the world better. Stop building soulless web apps and work on something that matters: http://ginkgobioworks.com/careers.html

apply here: https://ginkgo.resumetracker.com/public/job_detail/83

London, UK


REMOTE or onsite in our London offices, or some hybrid arrangement.

We are building CopyCopy (http://www.copycopy.cc/) - a cross-platform productivity tool that makes it simple to transfer anything between phones and desktop computers.

We use:

• Java (for Android, BackberryOS, GWT and in our homegrown lightweight Java server)

• C++ (for Win32, Qt, Android NDK and Objective-C++)

• Python (occasionally) to string bits together

• Objective-C (iPhone and Mac)

• JavaScript (web frontend work and browser extensions)

• Redis

We are a young startup headed by experienced engineers, and moving fast towards the first launch. You will have the opportunity of working on self-contained projects from spec to release to consumers. Our Git repositories, code review and Project Management tools are geared towards remote working and we are open to flexible working conditions. We urgently need full-timers and interns (paid). Equity on top of salary for the right candidate.

We are happy to consider remote workers who are located in timezones +/-3 hours from London or you can work in our new North West London offices.

Apply now to find out about our "secret sauce" that will make CopyCopy the simplest way of transferring anything between devices.

Just send your CV to jobs@copycopy.cc now!

Full Time - Back End Web Developer - Grand Rapids, MI

This position is part of a full-service marketing firm with a nimble interactive group. The team works to create and develop effective, hard-working mobile apps, scalable web sites, and web-based applications. This is a fast-paced, creative and flexible environment -- your contributions (code, ideas and preferences) will immediately and directly affect the solutions we provide.

We're especially looking for someone who can supplement and advance our app development efforts, so an advanced understanding of Javascript is a must - and some Objective-C experience is a huge plus.

We're fairly flexible ... as long as you're on-site, and we're looking at full-time employment. We work hard and have fun. And we'd like an experienced developer who's ready for some new challenges to join the team. Your skills and availability will make a difference.


.Net & JavaScript devs, Sys Admin - London UK

7Digital, electronic media company (music and books), our API powers Samsung Music, Blackberry, Ubuntu our own website and loads. Now also do ebooks powering services like Waterstones. Loads of interesting problems including scaling an API to serve 170,000+ requests per hour, processing and serving hundreds of TB's of data world wide while innovating. You get 10% of your time to innovate with, regular katas/dojo's. We are established, 7 years old, and profitable, 70+ people based in main old street office, ~45 of which are technical jobs. Fantastic work mentality, we always work the right way even if it takes a little longer, i.e. we don't cut corners on quality. Currently looking for dev's who are experienced with Test Driven development. http://about.7digital.net/careers

Broadway Technology - New York, NY and Austin TX

We are a tight, fast and profitable ~50 person software company (we were at 30 people a year ago, we're growing fast) working in the financial software space (we don't trade - we sell pickaxes to the gold miners, so to speak). Our main product is a high speed distributed system, on top of which we've built a trading platform for algorithms and other software. We are looking for experienced software developers (no finance experience required) - in particular, we really need an awesome UI developer to help build our trading UI and make it fast and beautiful.

See our news room for some buzz: http://www.broadwaytechnology.com/press

and apply at: http://www.broadwaytechnology.com/careers


Full time only (Raleigh NC/Seattle WA/Remote US)

Do you like solving interesting problems? Would you like to work on an open source project with a thriving community and thousands of users including some of the biggest names on the web? Are you interested in cloud or systems automation?

We're looking for developers to help us take Chef to the next level. Experience with Ruby, C, Erlang, and/or Windows preferred but not required. In general, we're looking for smart "gets things done" types with a passion for learning. We value teamwork, collaboration, and strongly enforce a "no @ssholes" policy.

More information about working at Opscode: http://www.opscode.com/careers

Contact Kevin Smith (kevin at opscode dot com) with your resume, LinkedIn or github profile if interested.

Lead Developer and/or Designer FULLTIME, ON-LOCATION / REMOTE Bungolow (www.bungolow.com)

Bungolow is hiring. We're the first mover in the Spanish Latin American market in our space and we're looking for developers and designers to help us be number 1.

Check out our latest job posting at www.bungolow.com/work-with-us and join a less stressful work environment! We’re fun, easy-going and we won’t refer to you as a programmer, ninja, hacker, or any other overused cliche buzzwords (unless you want us to). We’ve got the business side locked down, so sales, marketing, management, you don’t have to worry about that. You get to do what you do best and code.

Email careers@bungolow.com introducing yourself and include links to things you've built online.

Enthought - www.enthought.com

tldr: Python development for scientific applications, financial applications and Python toolset development.

Enthought has offices in Austin, New York, Cambridge, Mumbai.

If you use Python and love numpy / scipy then Enthought would be a great place for you. Come work with numpy / scipy hackers on solving interesting scientific analysis and data visualization problems. Also we are building the next generation of Python development tools, so there is no shortage of interesting problems to work on. Send applications to jobs@enthought.com and mention that you saw this on the hacker news Feb 2012 thread. Looking forward to working with some of you.

Full Time Back/Front End, Quantitative Engineers - New York, NY (Midtown East)


Novus is looking for bright generalist engineers striving to make an impact in uniquely challenging roles. We're looking for engineers to help us build the next generation of real-time financial analytics sytems, used by some of the world's most prominent investors.

There's no shortage of ways to innovate and help grow the firm. We want the world's makers to come together with us & help turn inside out an old industry afflicted with the worst case of inertia ever.

If this is you, I'm dying to hear from you! max at novus dot com

MeetMoi - New York City - Java Engineer http://www.meetmoi.com/careers#java

About MeetMoi: MeetMoi is at the crossroads of the white-hot mobile-social space and interactive dating. Leveraging location-awareness and other native aspects of mobility, MeetMoi makes it easy to meet interesting single people around you. Available on the mobile web at m.meetmoi.com and Android and iPhone app stores, MeetMoi is the leader in mobile location-based dating. We are growing rapidly, and have open positions in virtually every function.

Email jeremy at meetmoi.com for more information.

Durham, NC - fulltime (H1B) Duke University, Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research

We're a group of public health researchers looking for a junior software developer to work on the software that runs our research. This is a great opportunity for a developer with an interest in public health, including an interest in possibly traveling to international study sites. More information (and contact info) at http://chpir.org/software_dev_job, or contact me directly from my profile.

FULLTIME Android Developer - Brighton, UK

About Us

We’re a group of designers, developers and general tech tinkerers who have come together to make future interfaces simpler and more helpful. We’re based by the sea down in Brighton, work with Tesco, Google, Intel, Swiftkey & others and we’ve been around for some 5 years now.

Oh, and we’ve just been voted one of the Top 50 Innovators in mobile by Mobile Entertainment, and nominated for Agency Of The Year 2011 by .Net mag.

Job Description

From day one, you’ll be writing code for our own radical in-house products and for high-profile, star-studded client projects. Along with designing and planning with fellow droids, you’ll have the ability to collaborate with designers to realise awesome experiences.

If you’re a London-based developer you should seriously consider quitting the smog and joining us! Hell, if you live anywhere outside of Brighton, you should consider making the move. On top of fresh sea air and a chilled beachy lifestyle, we offer a highly competitive salary. It’s worth thinking about.

Your skillset

We’re looking for someone with strong Android skills, specifically:

  • Strong Android codebase brain
  • Android ROMing (You’re able to build ROMs *almost* effortlessly)
  • Very good Java skills
  • Custom Views (canvas, bitmaps and graphics)
  • Content resolvers (contacts, messages etc)
  • Data storage
…and you’ll need some more general skills too! As with the other ribots, you’ll need a brain like a swiss army knife:

  • UX basics
  • Source control (git)
  • Comfortable with command line
  • Unit testing (Android-specific, preferably)
  • CI
  • Able to move across languages with ease
  • Agile experience
How to Apply

Firstly, take a look at this; it's a sweet little presentation that will tell you more about who we are and what we're looking for (it includes a couple of repeated points, but there's plenty new stuff too): http://www.slideshare.net/ribot/are-...g-for-11064841

If after reviewing the presentation you think you're the droid we're looking for, please send your calculated responses to: jobs@ribot.co.uk

GoCardless is a VC-backed London-based startup looking to hire for the following positions:

- Backend engineers

- Front-end developers

- Business development roles

We're building the next generation of online payment tools, and are partnered with one of the world's largest banks.

GoCardless is built using bleeding edge Ruby and Rails, Postgres 9, Coffeescript and Redis. Experience with any of those technologies is a plus, but certainly not required.

More detail here: https://gocardless.com/jobs

FULLTIME, INTERN Philadelphia, PA Software Engineers, Interns, QA and Operations

Join our team to assist building and managing our cloud based solutions. Become a part of our rapidly growing team, which is building unique solutions for our life sciences customers. Wingspan’s SaaS infrastructure is growing and evolving as new technologies become available and new threats are identified.


FULLTIME Front End Web Developer - Brighton, UK

About Us

We’re a group of designers, developers and general tech tinkerers who have come together to make future interfaces simpler and more helpful.

We're based by the sea down in Brighton, work with Tesco, Google, Disney, Intel, Swiftkey & others and we’ve been around for some 5 years now.

Oh, and we’ve just been voted one of the Top 50 Innovators in mobile by Mobile Entertainment, and nominated for Agency Of The Year 2011 by .Net mag.

Job Description

From the start you'll be writing code (JS/HTML/CSS) for our own ambitious products, or prototyping and building applications and frameworks on impressive client projects. You'll geek out on making your code and interfaces run smoothly across a wide range of devices with varying browsers, form factors, processors and input mechanisms.

You'll ensure your code is well-documented, tested and follows team code standards, priding yourself on its quality, robustness and readability.

Speaking of team, you'll be working with design-types, other web-devs and a few other heavy-duty geeks: planning, sketching, collaboration and code reviews form an important part of the role so flexibility and communication are paramount.

And you'll take part in normal Agile ceremonies including sprint planning sessions, sprint reviews, and daily standups.

Skills Range

We’re looking for someone with strong web-dev skills:

  •	Handcode *real* Javascript
  •	Build with popular frameworks (jQuery, zepto, Backbone...)
  •	Have meaningful discussions about design patterns
  •	Use 'cool-kid' technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Node, web workers...)
  •	Show skills in a backend language or two (Ruby, Python...)
  •	Automate your tests (Hudson, Jasmine, Selenium...)
  •	Show experience developing across platforms
...and you’ll need some more general skills too! As with the other ribots, you’ll need a brain like a swiss army knife:

  •	Play well with other developers
  •	Have real conversations with designer types
  •	Be agile, be responsive
  •	A desire to constantly learn and experiment
How to apply

If you think you're the wondrous web-dev we're looking for, send a covering letter with a collection of links to your work to: jobs@ribot.co.uk

The closing date is Friday 17th February!

Good luck!


Philadelphia Area - Fulltime

We're looking for a developer with iOS xp to add to our startup, targeting early childhood education. Complete info:


Karlsruhe, Germany - mSALES GmbH - Ruby Developer

We're looking for a Ruby Developer (preferably on site, german speaking)


http://goo.gl/DeBp1 (English Translation)

Scribie.com, Remote, Fulltime.

I have been running Solo founder for the past few years and things are growing beyond me now. I am looking to hire the first full time developer now. We use PHP+MySQL and NodeJS for backend, HTML5/JS for frontend and lots of things in between.

Tel Aviv (Israel):

Nextpeer (http://www.nextpeer.com) is looking for server side and mobile engineers.

Come and help us change the way people play games on their mobile devices!

You can contact me directly daniel <at> nextpeer <dot> com

Sucuri.net - Remote - Part or full time.

Looking for a junior system admin (or op dev) to help us out.

If you love web security, love learning new tools and have already some experience with Linux, WordPress, Joomla, managing sites, etc, email me dd@sucuri.net.


Fog Creek!


Software Developer Systems Engineer Front-End Designer/Developer Intern in software development (Summer 2012)

Buffer - http://bufferapp.com

Looking for PHP Engineer + Sys Admin (remote freelance)

Email me: joel@bufferapp.com


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