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Lazy question: is it easy to remove that black bar? I think it's a terrible bit of navigation for "average user" kinds of people, who will easily miss it.

It's used on Twitter, Google and Facebook (er, Blue Bar). I think the "average user" can get it.

There are plenty of 'average Joe' kind of people who don't use stuff like Twitter or Facebook much.

Some of our customers seem to have some difficulties finding information on pricing here, for instance: http://www.liberwriter.com/

If that navigation link were at the top in a small black band, it might as well be on Mars.

Are you sure people wouldn't have an easier time finding the nav links on your site if they were in a bar? They look a lot like body text to me now, which might be the issue. Have you done any testing?

I think a bar might work and that testing would be the best way to see.

The point about pricing in particular is that there is a huge button in the middle of the page, and people are still not clicking it. My instincts are that a black bar at the top of the screen would be nearly invisible to these people, many of whom are more advanced in their years than the average HN user.

Currently you have no real user feedback on any of your buttons other than cursor change. When a user hovers over a button I would suggest defining a hover state for the button.

As for the "view plans and prices, get started" I believe a smaller button that is better positioned with a hover effect would get significantly better results. Even a simple change such as changing that text to something a little shorter like "Get Started Now", "View Plans" or " View Prices" will get you better results.

Ultimately I believe you would see significant improvements using bootstrap across your site. Some examples of what others have done with bootstrap can be found here http://builtwithbootstrap.com

Just don't add it in the first place.

Ah, cool, I thought it was some kind of default they gave you.

This would be an easy A/B test. If you do it, I'd love to hear what you found.

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