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Some other useful css frameworks include http://blueprintcss.org/ and http://compass-style.org/, if you are interested. That being said, I have used all three for different projects and have enjoyed working with bootstrap the most.

Having using Blueprint extensively, it's great if you're trying to get a basic grid going and not much more. It's super lightweight but doesn't offer the features of Bootstrap.

One day I plan on comparing all these half-decent frameworks and writing a post about it.. one day.. Here are some others I've found (Note: This is not a full listing, others are old/abandoned so I've omitted them):

http://csswizardry.com/inuitcss/ http://framelessgrid.com/ http://goldengridsystem.com/ http://foundation.zurb.com/ http://goldilocksapproach.com/ http://www.columnal.com/ http://www.getskeleton.com/ http://thatcoolguy.github.com/gridless-boilerplate/ http://semantic.gs/

I'm not sure I would describe Compass as a CSS framework. Compass and Bootstrap are not the same thing. Compass is a CSS Authoring Framework, and it can be used with boostrap (although it's not yet at bootstrap verison 2):


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