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Ask HN: What have you been getting obsessed about lately?
15 points by mezod 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 28 comments
I need a new obsession.


I am following the news daily to see what opportunities it can bring to me. I think with any big shift like this, it's when everything changes and I want to be in a position to take advantage of that, rather than being stuck where I am.

I was playing around with coding last year, as I used to code as a kid, but hadn't really done anything since and the whole 'app' thing flew past me, I started to realise that I would be quite behind in anything I did and would take me a few years to get up to speed, if I wanted to build apps, I would be competing against those with a huge amount of experience, now i've seen AI taking hold, that it can do some coding etc, it seems to me the bigger oppurtunity lies in following and learning how to use these tools to profit.

I am obsessed with thinking about not working and finding ways to retire sooner.

Same. 5 months ago I was super happy I had found a great remote job, and now I don't know what happens in 2 years. I wish I had a few apartments to rent or a public sector job...

(Not that I don't feel like working, I'd work until 80 or so, more like worried about not finding things over the age of [redacted]. Having a family means your monthly burn is 5X-10X instead of X.. you can't just live on ramen for 2 years, there are expectations, etc)

AI will soon sort that out for you.

People: I hate my job.

Tech bros: Let's use AI to get rid of jobs!

People: That's not what I meant!

Tech bros: You're welcome.

Also tech bros: Why are there so many layoffs? Is there a recession?

Me too

Sauna. Built one at my house and use it almost daily. I just enjoy it. Keeps me motivated to hydrate, exercise and take some peaceful time.

Minecraft. Had to teach it to my 6yo since all his school friends kept talking about it and he didn't understand it, he was getting out of the social loop. Turns out Redstone contraptions are the funniest programming language I ever learned.

I learned how to turn chunks of metal into precision machined chunks of metal and chips. Then learned how to make involute gears and bevel gears. It's quite rewarding making things that will be in useful service for many decades.

German language. I live in Germany for quite a while, but only recently decided to invest in the language properly. Now I am about B2. My goal is at least to get to the level where I can properly work in a managerial position at a German-speaking company.

I have classes with a tutor 2 times a week. I think German is a bit harder for me to learn comparing to English, the main issue is active vocabulary. I regularly check different approaches how to learn the language faster. So far, Anki and reading the literature I both like and can comprehend at my level are the best techniques.

Look into Chatterbug. It helped me a lot. Now you remind me that I need to get my ducks in a row and find myself a tandem.

It's so rewarding though. You really get to appreciate Germany on a deeper level.

Developing games with ChatGPT. Creating math/physics code is a breeze, just yesterday made a custom procedural maze of irregular 3D corridors. But building a draft for the story and dialogs is the best advantage.

I have been learning the nuances of editors, it is a fairly fun and interesting little hole. Surprising how much depth there is to something which is a common project for those learning to program.

Here's one I learned a lot from!


Music. I am getting weekly piano lessons to learn how to decode this thing called jazz.

Child care. For my 2yo and 2mo. It's similar to optimally dealing with adults (NVC and such), but consistently over-melodramatic adults with developmental issues.

The "How to talk so kids will listen" is a great series of books.



(Just commenting because I had to google it and the top results were for National Visa Center.)

Just finished my ski season, so my current obsession is climbing.

Playing Minecraft (after watching my 8yo son play it).

That Elon M will tarp down the change at Twitter leaving it profitable and sustainable as an ongoing concern no longer on his plate and he hires a new C.E.O.

That Elon M is looking healthier than ever before with brainbandwidth to spare for driving a probe to find gold in them asteroids beginning with Starship and Psyche. The use case is virtual currency on Twitter backed by gold.

is this sarcasm, or are you really that fixated on Elon?

Planted fish tanks. They look amazingly cool. Before that bees!

I love a well stocked fish tank, but I could never keep up with cleaning. Any tips on keep growth on the glass down?

I recommend external filtration (with lots of overprovisioning), keeping fish count down and razor blade scrapper once in blue moon and the tank will take care of itself.

Nix and NixOS


-Ammonia production

-Land use modelling


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