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Ok, decided to give them a try, so I went for the cheapest option vServer VQ 7 for a small test drive, within a few hours I had access to my server, before that I got a request for an ID of some sort copy (about 30min after registering), send it and everything went smoothly.

Now about the server connection:

http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test - 104,857,600 16.6M/s in 6.5s - Earlier got around 20M/s

ftp://ftp.nfsi.pt/pub/speedtest/100mb.bin - 104,857,600 694K/s in 2m 17s - Note that this is a portuguese server and the only one I know of a file with 100mb

These are downstream into the VPS, outside I can't test properly, because I don't have a good connection for that.

About the server setup etc, being a Gentoo user, decided to install it (I previously checked if it was possible), they provide a recovery image that you can use to boot, and did the installation from there, no problems so far.

Their web interface is pretty simple and easy to use, no regrets so far but I still have 30days ahead.

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