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Firefox is gone, Chrome is here, who is next? (ceondo.com)
7 points by Loic 2117 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

Oddly I've just move (back) to Firefox because I'm increasingly concerned by Google's activity and I'm curious whether anyone else is thinking along similar lines.

I like Chrome more than any other browser (I've got a Chrome theme for Firefox so it looks similar...) but I'm simply not willing to put all my eggs in the Google basket and it was one of the Google products that got dropped in the cull (Gmail and Reader surviving, Chrome and search going).

Ideally I'd like Apple to sort out Safari but I'm still not wild about it on Windows and I want to use the same browser on all my machines so Firefox it is (Xmarks and Feedly not supported on Opera).

I am also thinking along similar lines. It's just a matter of time before Chrome starts getting all plusie on us.

Besides, Google products in general have begun loosing their appeal after Google deviated from being technology-focused to social-focused. Soon enough those products will start lagging behind others in innovation and early adopation of lead-technology and usability features.

Hopefully the alternatives will come in a variety of ways and tastes and not united under a single banner/brand.

I just moved back to Firefox, too, because Firefox fixed the issues that made me move to Chrome. In particular, FF now actually observes the minimum font size I set in Preferences > Content; and the Back button and the History functionality no longer sometimes get very slow.

A good article, but clearly biased in favour of the dev community, who use and will always be happy to use software that doesn't come pre-installed with their computer.

Seeing 44% Chrome / 27% Firefox / 17% Internet Explorer on a large gaming website, sharing the Chrome popularity but Safari is at 8% -- behind Internet Explorer! I guess tech people love macs!

I suppose so. Also Mac only has a tiny gaming library so you're going to inherently receive a smaller audience (I know you can game on console also, but I find that PC gaming on the internet is overrepresented in much the same way Macs are on HN).

Wow, I had to look at my own analytics for a medium site (crafts space) with a technically challenged audience to believe that:

38% Chrome / 35% IE / 19% Firefox / 3% Safari.

That's the kind of statistics I'm interested in. I wish there was a good source for browser statistics from a well balanced audience.

>>Firefox is gone

I completely disagree with. Yeah its going down in terms of usage. Yet still it is improving and growing.

What I meant is that it has lost steam and the one pushing ahead now is Chrome. If you read the conclusion, I think and hope that we will stay with a fragmented, competitive market with the leader being the best one at the given point in time (modulo the market inertia, etc.). This would be better for everybody.

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