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Ask HN: What questions about applying to YC do you want answered? (S11 alum)
27 points by jasonshen on Jan 31, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
Hey guys,

I'm Jason and cofounder of Ridejoy (YC S11).

I'm pulling together a semi-comprehensive guide to applying to YC. There are already some good resources out there but it's a little scattered and I just want to make something

Got about 11 pgs of notes typed up so far, but want to get input from HN. What are your top questions about applying / submit a strong app?

More info on this project + a few quick questions here: http://jasonyshen.wufoo.com/forms/help-me-write-a-guide-to-applying-to-y-combinator/

Hi Jason, thanks for the initiative.

Wanted to know How does YC works for International Applicants. Especially, when the applicant has already started in the company in the Native country.

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