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Funny that.

Using the advice of this site I signed up for an empire hosting account.

Selected the server and options I wanted, submitted my billing information and got four emails welcoming me and informing me that my account had been created.

Logged into the back end to be informed that my ip address had been baned and I could not access the system.

Contacted support via the live support widget and was informed that to be able to access my system I would have to disconnect from the proxy I was using and use the ip address my ISP provided.

The proxy I was connected through is a linode server that I run and manage, the proxy connection was an SSH Dynamic proxy because I was sitting in a coffee shop.

When I am using public wifi I secure my connection over SSH and route all my browser data through that secure link.

Because I control both ends of the link (my laptop and the 'proxy') I trust that connection more then I do the owners of a wifi hotspot.

I was informed that I would be unable to use the empire hosting account I created unless I direct connected.

Canceled order.

I will stick with Linode, which has NEVER given me a single issue and whos service seems better.

edited to add With them being nice enough to send me back my password in clear text I am glad I used the ssh proxy.

Hmm, thanks for the warning. I have a forwarding proxy set up for the exact same reason as you. It wouldn't have crossed my mind that I couldn't use it.

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